Hoco Steelmen vs Plainfield

Holly Ramirez

The crowd is screaming, stomping, cheering. It’s been a hot minute, but the traditional  homecoming football game is back and ready to roll! Unfortunately, last year the game was canceled due to rain, but this year Steelmen ran out with confidence. Tonight Central plays against Plainfield East, which so far is 3-1, while Steelmen are still 4-0. Will our team finally get a victory, or will this night end with yet another loss? Player number 54 says he expects it to go great and that there is a high chance of them winning, and he expects to make three touchdowns. The first quarter begins, and they set for  their first play. Time runs out and steelmen  are 0-22. The field is cleared, no helmet or gear in sight, and now it is halftime. First up are our Rotc with their commander, Neva Dee, came Marching in to present our 2022 homecoming court. Following  after are our Steelmen cheerleaders, with a short but bright cheer to keep the crowd hyped. Then we got an amazing performance from our very talented steeletes. They ate, and left absolutely no crumbs behind!  Finally but not least to close our halftime, was the band performing three songs, and the crowd was happily singing  along. Now the football team is back and ready to make their next play, number 28 runs and when he is not looking he gets hit, and he is down. There is silence, but like every soldier he gets up, and stands strong. The crowd continues to stomp and shout, the art club and spirit club are holding their poster, and students continue to cheer the team on. At fourth quarter Central was 0-41, time was running out, and everybody was ready to leave with a defeat, but last minute player number 02 made a touchdown, and everybody went wild! The end score is: Joliet Central-6, Plainfield East-41. The team was super happy, and proud of how hard they tried. They are hoping next year they will do better and bring home a victory!