Varsity Girls Volleyball Game

Byanca Perez

On Tuesday September 13, 2022 was the Varsity Girl’s second Volleyball home game. The Varsity girls played in the main gym at 6:00. They played against Rich Township and the theme for this game was Luau. Students and parents were encouraged to wear flower necklaces and to bring your loud voices to cheer on the varsity girls. As the game began to start the varsity girls came out to some music. Then both teams started to warm up one team on one side of the net and the other team on the other side. They both had 6 minutes to warm up where they practiced serves, sets, hitting, and bumping.

The game started and they put their 7 players on the court. As the game started, they started with a lead for the first round. The student center started to cheer for every time we got the ball over and got the points. The Centrals varsity’s girls’ communication was very good, almost every ball was called for and didn’t get down if they made a mistake, they helped each other. Rich Township would get a little more frustrated but were also working hard to get the ball over the net. The Central varsity girls worked great and played a good game to bring home the win.