Alexandra Cuevas

What is Bowling? Well, it’s a great sport that anyone can play! The sport originated in Ancient Egypt, around 5000 BC, where many Egyptians would roll stones at various objects with the main goal of knocking them all over. There are many variations of bowling, a few examples are 9-pin and 5-pin bowling. As the number of pins changes, the number of tries given to knock them all down changes as well.  The most common type of bowling being played now is 10-pin bowling. The main premise of the sport today is to score as many points as possible by knocking out pins, each pin counting as 1 point. Each game consists of 10 frames, and every frame gives the bowler 2 attempts at knocking down the 10 pins on the lane, except for the final frame, where the bowler has 3 attempts at knocking down the pins. The only things you need for bowling would be a bowling ball, which in most cases is provided by the bowling alley at no cost, or, you may purchase and use your own custom-fitted ball, and, bowling shoes to be worn while bowling because normal shoes would just be a fall hazard and greatly impact your ability to bowl. Bowling can take some time to get the hang of, as it is based on patience, accuracy, and skill. Today, bowling has become a very well-known sport, now having more than 100 million players spanning across 90 different countries (including the US). Bowling is very popular in Finland, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Columbia, and Korea.