Blue and Gold 22’

Holly Ramirez

The 2022 basketball season is on and off  to a great start! The boys and girls made sure to exhibit their skills at this year’s blue and gold scrimmage. The teams made sure to show off their steelmen spirit, but so did the students, parents, and staff. The stands were full and the crowd was loud. How does a blue and gold basketball game work? Well simple, the scrimmage takes place in the gymnasium and is split in half; on one side the boys are playing, and on the other the girls. Not all levels play at once though. First off are the freshmen, then the JV team was up, the girls did awesome and with more practice they have high chances of having a good season. The boys did well, they worked together and scored a few hoops, which shows how well they will do. 

Afterwards the junior varsity plays, but before the varsity teams went up the cover that was splitting the court went up and the cheerleaders performed their cheer, and the steeletes performed yet another amazing, stunning dance that got the crowd hyped up. The varsity teams are left to play, and for this part the boys played, and right after were the girls. The boys warm up, and prepare to compete, they all do well, work as a team, and they stay on task. It is obvious how hard they have worked throughout the years, and they hope to get as many wins as possible. Last but not least were the girls varsity team, they came onto the court with energy and ready to show what they’ve got, the crowd was loud, and they had the support of their team. They played incredibly, and people can tell that they will do their best this season to build up their skills. Overall the blue and gold had many people ready and rolling for the 2022 basketball season, and they can not wait to see the teams grow!