ACT Pacesetters

Kelly Scears, Reporter

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From the moment you get into high school, teachers start the preparation for the ACT/PSAE tests that all juniors must take. These tests are the most important exams any student will take in high school. Your ACT score helps a university determine whether or not they will accept you.  Students with a composite score of 25 or higher on the ACT are considered to be an ACT Pacesetter because their individual score puts them in the top 10% in Illinois.  The following are Joliet Central students who earned a 25 or higher on the ACT test:


Sara Arbuthnot

Tara Austin

Anna Beamsley

Kaitlyn Bertram

Kenny Biddle

David Blair

Abigale Crowder

Dayton Dawson

Chloe Erb

Autumn Frykholm

Jay Galligan

Joseph Grunitz

Matthew Hall

Holly Harlow

Skyeler Henderson

Luis Jaime

Rhea Kerrigan

Andrew Kochel

Eric Lindstrom

Jaclyn Long

Noeh Lozano

Caitlin Magruder

Aerionna Martin

Tessa Maske

Ashley Miller

Chloe Miller

Kayla Morgan

Ryan Morgan

Tyler Morgan

Shawn Roberts

Thomas Robinson

Denise Selinas

Mariela Sanchez

Zachary Schmidt

Jay Vanderhyden

Gian Villagomez

Jacob Wagner


Congratulations to all 37 Steelmen who earned the recognition of ACT pacesetter!

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