Foreign Exchange Student

H’Aeneise Coopwood, Reporter

Traveling, to most people is a goal usually achieved after retirement. But imagine traveling the world while in high school. This year Joliet Central is hosting Marie Rehbaum, an exchange student from Germany, her hobbies contain dancing, playing the piano and of course traveling. She is a junior with three more years of schooling in Germany to face. Now you may be wondering, “Why three more years instead of one?”. But, according to the German Education System, students have the choice of whether they want to graduate after the 10th grade or continue on to the 13th grade. In Germany High school is called “Gymnasium”. There, the teachers change classes while the student stay put in their assigned rooms. There are no lockers, lab tops and absolutely no eating in class. Class periods are 45 minutes and grades go from 6 in Germany which is equivalent to an “A” in American and a 1 in Germany equals an “F” in America. There is no Prom or Home Coming and as we have job shadowing once as a sophomore year project, in Germany they have work experience every two years for one week as a class trip. Marie states, “It’s a great experience to leave my country for a year and learn a new culture and a new language. The most important thing I will always remember is Central’s high school spirit.” Joliet Central is proud to have Marie attending the school this year, and she will always be a fellow Steelmen. From the Steelmen students and staff, Welcome to Central and we all hope you have an amazing year!foreign-exchange-unedited-yes