Job Shadowing

John Luna Matilde, Reporter

Job shadowing. When we first heard about it as a sophomore, we all dreaded the idea of it and thought of it as a thing we “needed” to do but the more you think about it’s actually a privilege. It is a privilege to be able to take a step forward into our thoughts of our future and experience something we think we want to do before we start the long process of actually becoming it.

“Job shadowing is an extremely valuable opportunity for students to spend some time in a real-world work environment.  One of our primary responsibilities as a school district is to prepare our students for life after High School.  Part of that responsibility is helping students to make informed decisions about their career goals.” This is how Mr. Brett Marcum describes this program is the most recent director of this program. JTHS is an early adapter of this program and had adapted it in the 2006-2007 school year while other schools are just in the process of adapting it into their next year.

Now in order for this program to succeed we do need to start taking pride into doing this as students and take this project seriously. Some of the teachers have expressed where we could improve and is encouraged toward the students to implement these corrections and consider their thoughts. Ms. Manzo one of the English 2 teachers here said that one of the downfalls of job shadowing is sadly just the fact that students have trouble taking ownership of their thoughts of “I Want to do this and I Need to do this cause it’s goanna benefit me In a way” Ms. Sanchez could also agree with her statement of the inconvenience toward the students who are unable to drive or find a ride. Now there is an option for these students but going back to what Ms. Manzo said there are students who will lack the drive and think of it as “Oh, why do I have to do this again?” but on the other hand there are those students who will take this seriously and receive some of the many benefits that this program brings so if I were you I would go out and get to working.