A Starry Night

Anais Reyes, Reporter

Prom, something all seniors dream of and look forward to before the end of their journey of high school. This year Joliet Centrals theme was a “Starry Night” and their prom was at held at DiNolfo’s Banquets in Homer Glen, IL from 6pm-10pm. More than 500 students purchased tickets to attend this year’s annual prom. Staff and security were present as well to chaperon and make sure everything was in order and went smoothly. Everyone got a chance to show off their beautiful, long, elegant dresses and their custom-made tuxedos and may I say Joliet Central cleans up very nice. Students were able to take advantage of the photo booth that was offered and created irreplaceable memories with their closest friends. After announcing the candidates for prom queen and king, and also the crowning of Blanca Sixtos and David Diaz everyone moved down to the dance floor and started the real party. The dance floor was filled with students and everyone had a great time with all their friends. Students also received souvenirs to remember a great night. Joliet Centrals prom this year was a true success and was one for the books.