Living With Covid

Isabel Macias

2020 has not been the greatest year for many of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed and affected daily lives. Many previous and current seniors have decided to change their future plans throughout this time. For current senior William Hasen, his plans seem pretty clear. When asked what he plans to do after graduation, he responds “I know I’m going into the army for a couple of years so there’s that, and I want to become a therapist because it’s something I’m really good at. The pandemic did not really affect any of my plans because I kinda just go with the flow of life. I don’t care as long as I’m happy. They also haven’t really set anything back, it’s just I gotta wear a mask 24/7 now.” Wearing a mask 24/7 when out is just one of the many things the pandemic has changed for us. The pandemic has also affected many jobs, closing businesses either temporarily or permanently.  Many people have been fired or aren’t paid as much due to the virus. There is also a limit to the amount of people allowed in certain areas, and many times there’s certain restrictions. Not only that, but the pandemic caused a national coin shortage. Many people had to stay at home, which was good to help prevent the spread, but also bad in the way that some didn’t have a way to provide for their family anymore. With having so much time alone during quarantine, deciding to change something about yourself comes as no surprise. For example, changing your hobbies or hairstyle/color or changing the career you want to pursue in the future. William wasn’t surprised when he had a change of plans; “I’m kind of a go-with-the-flow guy, my plans are always changing all the time because I get bored and think about ‘will I actually be happy or will I just be ok?’ I choose life, not boredom.” Society has just been told to adjust to this drastic change in our lives and although it’s hard, many people are keeping their heads up and hopes high.