How Seniors Feel About Missing School Events

Imani Sherrod

Senior year is any teenager’s most exciting year of highschool: from the homecoming parade, to school assemblies, to prom, and eventually graduating. However, due to COVID-19, that wasn’t the case for last year’s seniors. Unfortunately, things might be the same for this year’s seniors too. I’m pretty sure being stuck at home and having to do your last year of high school on a computer isn’t as exciting.

I interviewed some of the seniors on the Joliet Central Varsity Poms team to see how they felt about graduating on the screen. Varsity dancer Kyera Maberry says, “Not being in school senior year makes me upset. It’s my last year and I wanted the true high school experience. Not actually attending school is sad for me. I feel like there’s going to be an empty part of my life. I’m not that upset but I would have wanted to be in school because I very much dislike zoom!” Many students could probably agree that Zoom and Infinite Campus just isn’t their cup of tea.

Fellow teammate Ayana Bate-Nelson said, “Not being in school senior year really really sucks! I’ve been looking forward to prom and graduation since I was in elementary school. I hope the school will consider letting us have most of these events like graduation on the football field.”

Some seniors like fellow dancer Mayte Aguirre aren’t as deeply saddened as others. She stated, “Not being in school my senior year is tough and sad because we’re missing once in a lifetime events like prom and homecoming, but I feel like it’s easier because of how advanced social media is. I’m not extremely devastated because I do understand how hard it is trying to help kids get through school over a computer and trying to keep us all safe during this time.”

Being a senior this year isn’t the best luck and it’s been a very difficult year. Here’s to hoping this won’t last much longer. Good luck to all the seniors in the class of 2020 and congratulations on making it through to the end!