Giovanni Acosta

Many have experienced getting a tattoo. Some say it’s very painful while others say it wasn’t that bad. Regardless, everyone’s experience is different. Speaking from experience, getting a tattoo in specific areas hurts more than in others. Some say getting a tattoo is pointless or not worth the money for just a permanent marking. But tattoos are more than just markings, they’re a form of art. Tattoos can have meanings and symbolism. Others might just be because the design is pretty or nice. However, getting a tattoo for the first time can be very nerve wracking. A lot of thought has to go into getting it, seeing how it is permanent. Not only that, but you have the aftercare to worry about too. But rest assured, the artist usually provides instructions, such as leaving a saran wrap to avoid bacteria forming, what ointments to use, and how long the healing process is. The tattoo may peel but the most important part is to not peel it because it can affect your tattoo and the ink will be messed up. Getting tattoos is a really amazing thing if you don’t mind needles or pain. It’s the creativity of the holder that is truly amazing. You get to decide. You get to choose what design and where to put it. It’s what you choose to express who you are inside. And that’s truly the beauty of a tattoo.