Giovanni Acosta

In this world people are most likely to have a tattoo or not but most people have them and other think well why do you wanna get a tattoo you know it’s going to be permanent and be on you forever but the real reason why tattoos are such a thing is because us as people can express art on your body in another way but I think that expressing your feelings and thoughts on your body and turning into art is a beautiful thing. When I got my first tattoo, yes I was scared and nervous because obviously this was going to be on my body forever and heard stories about how people can mess it up or it can come out wrong in a way. When the needle first hits your skin you think it may not be that painful but once the needle gets to a certain spot it will definitely hurt but the key to getting a tattoo is to not think about it as much while getting or thinking about getting it because you may scare or freak yourself out more which will make it hurt more. When getting tattooed you wanna make sure you eat something and stay hydrated. Another you wanna stay calm and don’t think about it and just let the tattoo artist do it’s thing. My experience in getting a tattoo was a lot for me. I would look up the steps on how to take care of a tattoo and make sure that I get the supplies that I need. When the actual day came heading over to the tattoo shop I was a little nervous. My hands were clammy. I was overthinking stuff and most of all my heart felt like it was doing a thousand beats per second and thought it was going to automatically stop but that did not happen. When finally getting the tattoo it takes a lot of requirements like the steps on how to take care of the tattoo which to me I thought was a lot. My dad tells me that I need to eat something so that I don’t feel lightheaded. While waiting for my dad to come back with snacks so I can eat something I was watching the tattoo artist tattoo other people and I’m thinking to myself how do these guys do it? They don’t seem like they’re in a lot of pain because of their facial expressions. When I saw that It made me feel better that it seemed like it didn’t hurt and thought I would be able to get through it and suck it up. When My dad got back I ate real quick to get some food in my system. When It was finally my turn to get tattooed I felt like I was about to die and thank god I didn’t. When the tattoo artist showed the design of me and my dad I was already excited because the artist  knew what he was doing and that he’s a professional and can do any tattoo. When I sat in the chair he was getting all of his supplies that he needed and it looked like it was a lot of work with the type of machine, the needles you need, and how to sit or lay. When the artist finally started to tattoo me I was thinking in my head ok this is not that bad and that it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. The artist started off by doing the lining making sure that he got the outline done. When the outline is finally done he gets to shading which is coloring in the spots that need to be shaded and when It came to that part It was a bit painful but knew I could get through it. 2 hours later I’m finally finished and I’m in love with it as I have a special piece of artwork of me and my dad on my body.