Hurricane Irma and Harvey

Anna Breausche, Reporter

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Over the past few months of summer, the south-eastern states in the United States was harshly hit with some very powerful hurricanes.  Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey are the only category 4 Atlantic storms to ever hit the United States in the same year- let alone same two weeks.  Hurricane Harvey was an extremely destructive Atlantic hurricane, flooding hundreds of thousands of homes, displacing more than 30,000 people, and caused major flooding.  Houston, Texas was largely impacted by this tropical storm, but with the help of others around the world they are beginning to build again and come together.  You may donate a variety of items to help out the families and businesses in Texas who have lost multiple things.  Shelters in the area are accepting toys and supplies, you can help clean up the mess the hurricane left behind, donate food and clothing to organizations helping out, or providing temporary housing to those in need.  But, as if Hurricane Harvey wasn’t enough, Hurricane Irma also became a large tropical storm devastating Florida.  Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic hurricane hitting many islands at a category 5 hurricane.  However, Florida was also impacted by this storm, causing 102 deaths.  There was major winds along Florida’s residential areas, flooding, and damage to major cities/parks.  Help is also being accepted for Hurricane Irma, as you can help clean up the mess the storm left behind, donate clothes, and provide supplies and toys to help families in need.  It has been a tough season for hurricanes, but with the help of people around our country we can come together and replace what was lost.

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Hurricane Irma and Harvey