Kick Off for A New NFL Season

Billy Wasaitis



Right now, as the season is going the Buffalo Bills are probably one of the best teams in the NFL. It is because they blew the Super Bowl champs the L.A Rams out of the water in more ways than one. They beat them in week one, Josh Allen scored four combined touchdowns, and Stefon Diggs contributed while flying through the air. The Chicago Bears won against the 49ers, with a score of 19-10. At the beginning of the game Trey lance and the 49ers were starting off strong it was only 13 minutes into the game, and already the 49ers defense was showing no mercy. To the second-year QB Justin Fields, a major player in the game was Bears player, David Montgomery right now, it’s only been the second week as NFL Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson said, “no coach should be in the hot seat because they have not done anything yet to get them there.”