Operation Snowball 2014 - "Fear Not"

Operation Snowball 2014 – “Fear Not”

High school can be tough, but having a strong support system can make it worthwhile.  Operation Snowball took place the weekend after the return of the winter break and it was a memorable experience for every person that went. With a new location,... READ MORE »»

Super Commercials From The Super Bowl

Super Commercials From The Super Bowl

Now I know that everybody had to watch the super bowl Sunday, whether it was because of the actual game or the commercials. Since I only watched it for the commercials I thought I could give everyone an overview. The commercials varied from... READ MORE »»

The "Snow-pocalypse"

The “Snow-pocalypse”

To some people, winter is the best time of the year. To others, (and most likely the school faculty this year) they’re done with winter and ready get back to more of a regular schedule. With classes cancelled three days already this year,... READ MORE »»

NHS Blood Drive

NHS Blood Drive

NHS hosted its annual Blood Drive on October 11, 2013. Ms. Erzinger was the sponsor who ran this year’s blood drive.  There were about 160 students and staff who donated. Students had to sign up with a NHS member, and needed to fill out a... READ MORE »»

Did You Know...

Did You Know…

It was brought to the attention of many students, teachers and staff here at Central that the exam day schedules have changed. In case you haven’t read your planner students will now have three days of finals. Why the additional day? The... READ MORE »»