Creative Ways to Ask Someone to be your Valentine

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by Terri Burzawa

I always look forward to February
each year because of one special day. No, it isn’t the blood drive, or the
Black and White dance, and it isn’t the Snowball weekend retreat either! It is,
of course, Valentine’s Day! I really look forward to this day where love and
friendship really is in the air. Hearts, chocolates, cards and flowers – It’s so
neat to think there is a holiday just meant for telling others how much you
care. However, I’ve never been good at asking someone to be my valentine. So if
you’re like me and having a hard time figuring out how to get that
“special someone” to be your valentine, look no further. Here are a
few ideas to use and, hopefully, the end result is how you imagined it to be!

  1. Give your special someone eleven real roses and one fake rose, and tell them you’ll
    love them until the last rose dies if they’re your valentine.
  2. Askfor a band aid because you scrapped your knees falling for him/her, then ask
    them to be your valentine.
  3. Write a little song and perform it for them in front of their friends.
  4. Look into their eyes, hold their hands in yours, and ask for just a moment of their
    priceless attention. Then tell them what they mean to you and finish off by
    pulling out a rose and asking on one knee.
  5. Draw them a funny/cute picture with a caption “Will you be mine?”
  6. Type out a nice and neat note and give them a list of cute, funny reasons why they
    should say yes.

Being someone’s Valentine is being
there to show compassion. It’s a day where everyone can share good feelings
with each other and put aside differences. So I hope everyone can be there for
someone and have a great Valentine’s day.

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Creative Ways to Ask Someone to be your Valentine