Black Friday


Paityn Wilkinson

On Friday, November 26th, Black Friday has finally come around! Millions of deals and price drops of items ranging from clothing to electronics have all dropped significantly within stores worldwide. This day has been celebrated ever since November of 1951. Some of the biggest stores that have the most substantial deals for Black Friday include Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s. These stores open at different times during the day depending on how many yearly customers they round in yearly. This event happens once every single year, and is widely accepted as the biggest shopping spree of the entire year. Millions of people hunt for deals on items that may be out of their budgets, or if they want to save some money on the items they wish to obtain. Billions of dollars are spent just on this one day of the year alone. This Black Friday however didn’t get as many sales as last year, decreasing for the first time exponentially ever. It’s said that online spending decreased by millions of dollars compared to previous years. This has a reason however: many shoppers are more focused on getting their holiday shopping done before the rush for buying holiday presents arises. Each year holiday shopping gets more online based and reliant, so because of this people try getting their desired presents for others as soon as they can. Despite this, many were still happily pleased with the outcome of their Black Friday shopping.