Keeping Up with New Year’s Resolutions!

Casandra Reyes

 It’s a new year, and you’re thinking about what you can achieve this year. New Year’s resolutions are great, so here are some tips on how you can commit to and achieve your goals

     First tip, stick to one main goal. You may want to achieve a lot of things, but pick the one most important to you, and be very specific in what it is you want, so you can put in your all to just one thing rather than feel overwhelmed or like a failure for not succeeding in any. It’s also important to have a plan. Ask yourself, how will you achieve your goal, and how long will it take, and do your research and educate yourself to ensure you see your goal through to the end.

     Another tip is to avoid being overwhelmed and wanting to give up, don’t try to take on too much in the very beginning, and have high expectations. Set realistic goals, to begin with, and you’ll see a big change in the end. And another thing, for motivation, try not to go for a goal you failed to succeed in the past. If you do not succeed again, it will hurt your self-esteem. If it’s something you still want to accomplish, try to change it up in a way you know you can achieve it.

     And finally, it would be great if you had support from others. Motivation and reminders from those around you will help you stay on track and succeed. Goals can take time, a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and even years. So learn to have patience, don’t let setbacks stop you, and keep that drive to succeed so that new routines can become second nature.