NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1 Album Review

Kristina Sanantonio

NCT is a South Korean boy band consisting of 23 members, and they have been on the rise. Coming from the biggest entertainment agency in Korea, NCT was popular from the start. Not only that, but after BTS broke onto the western music scene a few years ago, it paved the way for all other K-Pop groups making a name for themselves outside of South Korea. With the immense worldwide popularity, NCT made several subunits of members within the groups. NCT127, NCT U, NCT DREAM, and WayV all falling under the main group of NCT allowed the group to have such a diverse discography appealing to all types of fans. After releasing countless projects amongst all the units, the group recently reunited as a whole, along with two new members, to release a new album. Consisting of 13 tracks, NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1 is a well put together album that features songs by all of the units respectively. Starting off with “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” from NCT U, the catchy lyrics and tune set an upbeat mood for the album. The song features members that fans are already familiar with, as well as one of the new additions to the group. “Misfit” is a hip hop filled track featuring some of the group’s designated rappers. While being a group that is heavy in EDM, NCT has countless songs in their discography that mixes hip hop and tearjerking ballads perfectly as seen in tracks like “Volcano” and “Lightbulb”. Following the hip hop heavy tracks comes “Dancing In The Rain”, a jazz filled song focusing more on the harmonizing of the members vocals and how smooth it is while still being upbeat. To split up the feel of the second half of the album comes “Interude: Past to Present”, which is a vaporwave esque feel added to the album. “Deja vu” starts off the second half of the album with a bang. Strong EDM vibes take over with the addicting beats of the song. Coming in after is “Nectar” by WayV, NCT’s Chinese subunit, which is a fast paced R&B track using English and Chinese. “Music, Dance” is the group’s only miss on this album in my personal opinion. On the first listen the song is not that bad, but when you really pay attention it seems a little all over the place and the chorus reminds you of a commercial jingle. Coming back from this are two of the last songs on the album which are perfect songs to showcase the harmonization of the group’s vocals and their capabilities outside of the EDM and hip hop style. Aside from these there are two other versions of previous tracks in other languages to wrap up the album.