Avatar 2

Laila Chandler

After a 13-year-long delay in providing a sequel for Avatar (2009), the wait is over. Avatar: The Way of The Water is to be released on December 16th, 2022. The movie once again follows the main character, Jake Sully, on a separate planet from our own that is poisonous to the human race. Na’vi are humanoid creatures that have blue skin, and tails, and can range from 3-4 meters in height occupy the planet, Pandora. Pandora is one of the five moon-like planets that orbits a gas giant called Polyphemus, with the biome of a rainforest. During the day, it’s an ordinary rainforest, but during the night the planet exhibits bioluminescent qualities which help the Na’vi blend in with their surroundings. Due to the planet’s low gravity, since it’s a moon, the proportions and shapes of things are different from Earth’s, which can come off as weird to humans when visiting the planet, and the creatures that live alongside the Na’vi people. In the first movie, Jake is a paralyzed marine veteran, who was sent into the Avatar program in place of twin his brother, who was murdered to help the RDA find Unobtanium which had a surplus amount under the planets Hometrees. The RDA wishes to direct the Na’vi people away from, or even destroy the trees not knowing that they live in them. Taking advantage of his ability to use his legs again, Jake explores and learns the living styles of the Na’vi people, and eventually met Neytri, of the Omaticaya clan, who he fell in love with and decided to abandon his mission with the RDA and fight in a battle against them, which forces the Na’vi people to relocate. After driving away the humans, he continues to live on Pandora and has five children. Three biological ones, and two that are adopted, and they begin to explore the depths of the ocean that surrounds them.