Wednesday show

Rebecca Varela

While we were all on winter break. Most of us were bored at home and began to look on Netflix to binge-watch something to pass time. While you were searching the internet you may have come across the show Wednesday. The show is based on the main character Wednesday who originally came from the Addams family. A 1991 movie that was then animated in 2019. As fans only had the movie they were left wanting more. So that is when they came up with the series. But this series mainly focuses on Wednesday, who is the main character who tends to be cold. She tends to like the color black and likes to take revenge on people doing mean activities to her brother . The story starts off with Wednesday having to go to a new school since she got kicked out of her other school for putting fish in the pool. Wednesday doesn’t want to go to this school since she is told other kids like her are there. But she doesn’t have much of an option since every other school has prohibited her from going to that certain school. As Wednesday begins to look around the school and she begins to notice people are like her but doesn’t make many friends. Except for her roommate. Wednesday doesn’t really like her since they are polar opiates. As the days go on Wednesday tends to notice something is wrong in this school. This is where I leave it up to you too. Do you want to know what else happens?