Raven Jackson (Editor-In-Chief)


It still surprised me that I got chosen to be the Editor-In-Chief for such an inspiring class. Between freshman year me and senior year me I could see there’s so much growth and prosperity. If you would’ve asked Raven in 2019 if she would ever be Editor-In-Chief for journalism, she would look at you like if you had three heads. I’m very proud of myself for coming out of my shell and experiencing things I never thought I could. At first, I didn’t think I would be able to handle being the head person for anything really. Thanks for Mr. Martz  and the amazing staff from last year to this year really help me find myself and be true to myself. Obviously there is still more growing to do, so much to experience in life since I’m only 17, but I’m excited for where i’m headed and what my future is. As my faves say “best moment is yet to come”.

For journalism we grew as a class, as for last year we only had 1 class with about 22 students. Now we have two full classes with 54 students in all. I’m so excited to see everyone’s work, their creativity, and  what they’re going to bring to the class. I’m proud of all of our students, all of our staff Paityn, Alexa, JT, Truett, Shay, Verin, and to Mr. Martz. Welcome to your 2022-2023 school year!