Fall Fashion

Amareia Thompson

Once you enter high school, that’s really where the dressing comes in.  Around our school, Joliet Central I’ve noticed many different styles of clothing, hair, & etc.  Some things I’ve noticed are the knit sweaters, with blue jeans.  Some more styles of clothing that are trending are crocs with sweat pants & slouch socks.  This is a comfortable, quick wear that lots of people wear.  

More looks are the shoes. I mean who doesn’t like shoes or seeing the different types & what people style with them.  The Jordans, Yeezy slides, high top vans, slip on vans, or even the crocs! With these you see leggings, skinny jeans, or sweatpants.  Loafers with skinny jeans are more often worn by females.  Now let’s talk about trending hairstyles.  Some hairstyles are long hair with a loose curl.  Low cuts or 2-strand twists for the guys.  With the girls wearing skunk patches, knotless, natural hair, or messy buns.  

In Joliet Central I’ve noticed a lot of the girls having their own way of nail designs now. Some are long, short, medium. With very many details or little less design.  While attending JTHS  I feel as if style is the thing that’s “popping”.  Everyone is dressing differently.  While adding their own unique touch to it.  Everyone brings styles & creativity when it comes to dressing. I am amazed everyday.  I see  styles that inspire me as well.  These are just a few of the clothing, hair, shoes, & etc that I see on a daily basis.