Spring Play 2017

Arianna Lopez, Reporter

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If you did not come out to see the play, you missed out. This was the first spring play to be performed in an intimate black-box setup. It felt as if you were in the story and connected with the actors even more than you would have just sitting in the house. It was directed by Mr. Hoyt and assistant directed by JTC Journal’s very own Abigail Augustine. She was also in the play as well. Mr. Hoyt has performed in this play before and it was said that it was an honor to be directing it. The Laramie Project is play about the brutal murder of a gay teenager, Matthew Shepard in the small town of Laramie, Wyoming. Homosexuality was despised in Laramie. Matthew was taken to a fence in a rural area by two straight men. They then later tied him to “the fence”, a well-known area in Laramie, and began beating him, torturing him. He was said to have been begging for his life. He was later found in critical condition. He had been the victim of a hate crime. The actors established the emotion of the tragic situation very well and expressed great vocal projection. This is a very emotional and tragic play and the actors performed it well. The actors were very accurate on representing the townspeople in Laramie; some going as far as to keeping their country accents. That was definitely an enjoyable part of the performance. The people in Laramie lived by the motto of “live and let live”. You live your life and let others live theirs the way they want.

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