The Great Success of Vivienne Westwood


Carolina Hernandez

Vivienne Westwood became one of the most prominent British architectural fashion designers to have dominated the fashion industry! She first began working in fashion in 1970, although before becoming a well-known fashion designer, she was an elementary school teacher. She found that teaching wasn’t what she wanted to do in the world, so she decided to study at the Harrow School of Art and the University of Westminster University in fashion. 

Vivienne Westwood brought out the style of making punk-liked clothes more feminine. She designed clothes for both men and women along with shoes, bags, and jewelry. She was also bright in making wedding dresses that were super loose wear and elegant. Westwood was never afraid to speak her mind; she was vocal against capitalism and her thoughts regarding religion. Her collections and catwalk shows were used as a platform to campaign for change and a better world. Even though she was a more old-fashioned lady, she found numerous ways to bring old fashion into modern wear. Westwood quickly became an international sensation with her debuts. Whenever you think of the female punk style you will eternally think about her. 

Unfortunately, Westwood passed away on December 29th, 2022. Since she won’t be here to continue her journey of actively speaking out against capitalism, her team will pursue her wishes.