Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Carlos Orellana

Gas, rain, roaring engines, the pavement slick under your tires, two more corners and the race ends suddenly the ground around begins to fall away, the world begins to spin and you slam on the brakes, that is the world of Gran Turismo. A world where you need to manage every aspect of your car as if it was the real thing because aside from you being on your couch, it is. 

Gran Turismo is the ultimate driving simulator where everything is felt and even the smallest things can be huge while driving. Gran Turismo boasts a hyper realistic physics engine and a car list with 425 different automobiles and 62 unique manufacturers. It has a bunch of licenses that you need to complete to get specific cars and do specific challenges, the majority of which are for skilled drivers who really want to test their limits. 

The game has an online multiplayer system as well as couch split screen multiplayer. With online championships every few months you have tons of chances to become the best. The game also has 34 tracks but with different route possibilities that number increases to 97, and with the custom race modifier you can change everything from the amount of tire wear, to the gas usage, and even the weather. 

Gran Turismo is no longer just a racing game it is now closer to real life with 4k as well as 60 fps you can be sitting down, playing, and might just be convinced that you’re actually going somewhere because gran Turismo is once again the Ultimate Driving Simulator. Available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 and at stores near you.